Quadrotor platforms

Distributed Autonomous System Laboratory

Collaborators and Students: 

Dr. Weihua Sheng, OSU ECE

Project Description: 

DASLab also maintains a number of quadrotor platforms to support indoor and outdoor experimentation including a number of Parrot drones, and a 3DR arducopter.

Our array of outdoor quadcopters includes the DJI Phantom 2 H3-3D, an off-the-shelf vehicle utilized for agricultural imagery on the UIUC Woody Perennial Polyculture.


Subsumtion of parasitic input video: more results in the paper: Axelrod A., Kingravi H., Chowdhary G., Gaussian Process based Subsumption of Parasitic Control, American Control Conference, IL 2015.


Path planning in dynamically changing environments video, more results in the paper: Human Aware UAS Path Planning in Urban Environments using Nonstationary MDPs, Allamaraju et al., ICRA, Hong Kong China, 2014



Some of the quadrotor platforms maintained by DASLab, on the left is the 3DR arducopter, and on the right are one of our Parrot AR drones.

UAS Urban area flight indoor testbed maintained in collaboration with Dr. Weihua Sheng at OSU