Distributed Autonomous System Laboratory

Collaborators and Students: 

Dane Johnson, Lucas Kinion, Jacob Stockton, Andrew Cole, Sri Theja Vuppala

Stabilis is being commercialized by Unmanned Cowboys Inc.

Project Description: 

DAS Stabilis is an autopilot developed by DASLab that is currently being commercialized by Unmanned Cowboys .  Stabilis is designed for innovators. It provides a disruptive Plug-and-AdaptTM autopilot system that is designed to rapidly adapt to a wide array of UAS platforms, missions, and collaborative operational paradigms.  Stabilis is modular, it can utilize rapidly advancing GP-GPU (General Purpose Graphics Processing Units) technology to enable massive onboard parallelization.

Stabilis Communication Diagram

We are working on algorithms, software, and hardware design to optimally utilize parallelization to significantly expand the class of autonomy problems that can be solved onboard a small UAS. Along with extensive validation on our Hardware-in-the-loop testing simulator, Stabilis has also been validated through a number of flight-tests.

Stabilis is not platform dependent

Stabilis is designed to be platform independent

Stabilis DAS Skyhunter UAS integration package with communication module, vector-Nav inertial navigation system, and servo controllers.

The integration packet folds neatly into the Skyhunter UAS payload bay