DAS-MAGE: A Massive Multiplayer Online Game Environment

Distributed Autonomous System Laboratory

                                                                            MAGE Flight simulation video

Collaborators and Students: 

Rakshit Dayal

Project Description: 

A widely utilized approach in searching for optimal multi-agent policies is to reason over other agent policies using a joint task model.  However, such an approach cannot directly be employed for mixed human-UAS planning since human behavior models under high-stress situations are not yet available. To find a solution to this problem we take inspiration from the US DoD’s increasing use of simulations for training teams to work together by developing an open simulation platform that can enable multiple humans and UAS to practice together. 

The DAS MAGE (Multi Agent Game Environment) Multiplayer online game is a is a multiplayer simulation being designed by the DASlab.  MAGE simulation engine utilizes various open software including JSBSim dynamics engine, and Flightgear scene and object rendering integrated together with custom built suite of software at DASlab. In the development of MAGE, we are inspired by Massive Multiplayer Online Games (MMOG) such as Warcraft. Accordingly, the main contribution of our simulator is that it will provide a common cloud-based simulation environment where aerospace vehicles with high-fidelity models can be controlled by different computers or people. 


The MAGE multi-agent flight simulator proposed here provides a common environment for manned-unmanned aircraft interaction. In the visualization, two aircrafts are flown from Oklahoma and one from North Carolina.